What a book!


We have covered the Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity 2014 International Conference, which has been organized by Pedro Soares Neves and Daniela V. de Freitas Simões in Lisbon in July 2014, since its call for papers. That's why we are particularly happy to announce today the release of the proceedings of this conference. The book has been officially launched at the Lisbon University Fine Arts Faculty a few days ago.

If you are interested in, the easiest way to get your copy is to write a mail at this address: info@urbancreativity.org.

The book costs 20 euros + 6 euros for the shipping.

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Homeland is not a Series

Homeland is not a Series

The story behind the "Homeland incident"...

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Erasure @ Laszlo Biro

Erasure @ Laszlo Biro

Ce ne fossero di più di mostre cosi...

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