We Live This


We Live This is a short documentary by New York filmmaker James Burns that focuses on the life of four young boys, also known as the "showtime kids", who executes complex routines in subway trains “just for a little money”. "Many of the group’s members are either homeless or come from turbulent backgrounds and all fear going back to the streets or back to a life of crime if dancing fails" explains Matthey Kirby on Konbini, while Burns, the filmmaker, says: “I ride the subway everyday like most New Yorkers and every once in a while you run into the occasional “Show Time” performers on the train. I never really paid much attention to these dancers until I ran into the ‘We Live This’ crew. There was something magnetic and special about the group that felt pure, and when I looked around the train car to see how other people were receiving the performance, I was disappointed to notice that there was a significant amount of passive, or negative reactions, and yet the boys continued to performed like their lives depended on it. I later came to find out that for some of them, it did. That’s when I knew I had to make this film. It is the people that inspire me, not the ideas”.

We Live This has a Facebook page.

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Takehito Etani

Takehito Etani

La lutte est une vraie religion de l'esprit...

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Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe

Une revendication masculine au tissage...

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Marta Pieczonko

Marta Pieczonko

Des tissus très vivants...

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