Water Lettering


Dishu calligraphy is a new phenomenom that has apperead in China during the 1990s. People literally started to do water calligraphy in the streets with self-mafe brushes, just for writing poems, sentences or aphorisms. François Chastanet, who has studied it and published also the book Dishu: Ground Calligraphy in China, is now promoting workshops all around Europe to teach people how to prepare street brushes and to paint all over the streets with latin letters.

For those interested in, he will be in Berlin approximatively on the same dates of the conference Urban Art. Creating Urban with Art, organized by Ulrich Blanché & Ilaria Hoppe, to give a workshop at the design department of the University FHP Potsdam, from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th July 2016. Here a video of the workshop that he has made in Utrecht a few years ago.




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Hip Hop du Bronx aux rues arabes

Hip Hop du Bronx aux rues arabes

Culture de rue et printemps arabe s'invitent à l'IMA...

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Street Art e Musei

Street Art e Musei

Ci si vede domenica a Gaeta, nell'ambito di Memorie Urbane...

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