Urban Films Festival



The Urban Films Festival, one of the best event in its genre, celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2015. They have just published a call for films. You can send your submissions before February 2, 2015 via mail (participation@urbanfilmsfestival.com) and visiting this website.

Filmmakers from all around the world are invited to send videos, whether it’s a fiction, a documentary, an animated film or a filmed performance, under a unique theme: the urban film.

What’s the urban film? : “Films devoted to the city and to all the practices and ways of life that come from it. Through urban films, true stories, whether somber or funny, find their common denominator in their scenery: the street, from Seoul to Rio, and passing by Seattle or Ouagadougou. The urban movies rediscover the city in a broad sense: fiction, dance, movement, community, street culture, sports, all of the aspects of the city and urban cultures are represented.”

The maximum running time depends on the category:
Documentary : 17 min max
Fiction : 15 min max
Animated Film : 15 min max
Performance : 7 min max

For all categories:
- Screening format: Digital file Full HD (1920*1080)
- Non French speaking films must be subtitled in French.

To candidate:
Submit your film on the platform www.filmfestplatform.com

The registration and your films’ submission are free of charge.
Rules of participation are available below.
Rules of participation : >> Upload <<

Deadline for applications: February 2, 2015.

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Saeio 2009-2014

Saeio 2009-2014

Saeio lance un crowfunding pour son livre

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The Bridges of Graffiti

The Bridges of Graffiti

The catalog is now out!

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Vhils a ruba

Vhils a ruba

L'opera realizzata da Vhils a Parigi sabato scorso è scomparsa stanotte.

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