The painter of Jalouzi


Last decade, we have seen lots of street art projects developped in poor countries, but organized and funded by Western organizations and brands. The most impressive one was probably Dulux Walls, produced by Let's Color for Dulux in 2010. The massive painting project, curated by local artist Pierre Duval, is something totally different, because his work into a huge Haitian slum, which he wants to transform thanks to color, seems more sincere and community centered. Are we too romantic and utopian, if we admit that we absolutely prefer the Haitian project ? 

The painter of Jalouzi has been produced by David Darg and Bryn Mooser for RYOT.

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This Ain’t California

L'histoire de la RDA vue à partir d'un skateboard...

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José María Sert

Les décors majestueux d'un peintre d'origine catalane...

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James Nizam

James Nizam

Le contrôle de la lumière...

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