The metro game


Graffiti writers' passion for trains is unlimited, trust me. During last years, I've met several graffiti writers who have stopped to do graffiti, just because their favourite trains' model were sent to wrecking yard. Matière Grise, a French book devoted to the Parisian Northern line, offers a nice overview on this "mania", who has rarely kept attention.

This is why we have been very happy to discover this morning Egotrips' Metro Game, which allows you to check your international trains' models knowledge. These German guys have also produces two nice prints, which collect lots of international trains' models and metro's logos. Check their webstore, if you are interested in.


PS: we highly recommend you to listen to Veli & Amos All of the Lines, while playing Metro Game. You will surely find some tips in their video.

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Ocupação visual

Ocupação visual

Documenting São Paulo's Pixação...

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Back to present

Back to present

Lo stesso spot, a distanza di anni.

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