The Lisbon Conference


The Street Art & Urban Creativity is an international research topic created with the purpose of knowledge gathering and scientific recognition of Urban Creativity as Graffiti and Street Art studies area. Based in Lisbon, it organizes since 2014 annual scientific meetings (conferences, seminars) and publications, books and the Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal, along with UPark, an urban park as a "laboratory" where to apply researches in the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon.

The 2016 International Conference will be organized from June 16th to 18th. The program is now out:

June 16 - Main auditorium, Fine Arts Faculty (Chiado)

09h00 – 09h30 Registry of Delegates and General Public
09h30 – 10h00 Welcome Session by Fine Arts Faculty / CIEBA and Executive Committee
10h00 – 10h45 Keynote Speaker: Peter Bengtsen - Hijacking Banksy: using a contemporary art mystery to increase academic readership

10h45 – 11h00 Coffee Break
11h00 – 12h15 Panel 1
Ulrich Blanché – Book launch: “Banksy Urban Art in a Material World”
Maria Domenica Arcuri – “Banksy Urban Art in a Material World” - book review

12h15 – 13h30 Lunch
13h30 – 14h15 Panel 2
Lucas Matray - Public space, urban art and social inclusion: a Street Art festival in Aix-en-Provence
Alice Alves -
14h15 – 14h45 Keynote Speaker:
Susan Hansen - A Socio-Moral Test Case for the Safeguarding of Street Art

14h45 – 15h00 Coffee Break
15h00 – 15h30 Keynote Speaker:
Lachlan MacDowall - A Boneyard of Data: Graffiti and Street Art’s Temporalities
15h30 – 16h30 Panel 3
Erik Hannerz - A few notes on using Instagram as point of access for graffiti research
Hela Zahar ; Jonathan Roberge - Street Art: Visual scenes and the digital circulation of images
16h30 – 17h00 Closing remarks: Executive commitee

June 17 - Main auditorium, Fine Arts Faculty (Chiado)

09h30 – 10h00 Welcome Session by Executive Committee
10h00 – 10h20 Pondaven Florence - Galeria de Arte Urbana
10h20 – 11h00 Keynote Speaker: Javier Abarca

11h00 – 11h30 Coffee Break
11h30 – 12h20 Keynote Speaker: Carlo McCormick
12h30 – 14h00 Lunch

14h00 – 14h45 Panel 5
Chris Parkinson - Passing Through Walls: The transfiguration and circulation of graffiti from East Timor
Kata Murányi - Murals of Budapest in the age of creative cities
Helena Míková - Influence of the public spaces quality on the occurrence of graffiti
14h45 – 15h15 Keynote Speaker: Adrian Nabi
15h15 – 15h30 Coffee Break

15h30 – 16h30 Panel 6
Ulrich Blanché - Keith Haring - a Street Artist?
Malcolm Jacobson – Marketing with graffiti – crime as symbolic capital
16h30 – 17h00 Closing remarks: Vasco Teixeira Rodrigues

June 18 - ISCTE-IUL auditorium B1.03 (Cidade Universitária), tour

09h00 – 10h00 Welcome Session by Paulo Tormenta Pinto and Pedro Costa (ISCTE-IUL)
10h00 – 10h30 Keynote Speaker: Pedro Bandeira (moderation:: Paulo Tormenta Pinto )

10h30 – 11h00 Coffee Break
11h00 – 12h15 Panel 7 (moderation: Pedro Costa)
António Guterres; Diogo Aguiar
Eduardo Costa Pinto – Sete Círculos
Rehm, J., Voutichtis, C. - No Place For Urban Art

12h15 – 13h30 Lunch
14h30 – 18h Tour

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Etat de l’Art Urbain

Etat de l’Art Urbain

Let's talk about art in the streets...

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On parle du Street Art à la Vitrine à Paris...

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Frontier The line of style

Frontier The line of style

Verrà presentato il prossimo 13 febbraio a Bologna il catalogo di Frontier...

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