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The Bridges of Graffiti


Last May, Fondazione de Mitri invited us in Venice for curating a Bookshow inside The Bridges of Graffiti exhibition, which was part of the Venice Biennale 2015. Our selection of books and magazines devoted to graffiti culture has contributed to the international relevance of this project, which has documented this culture through its many metamorphoses, thanks to a selection of artists such as Eron, Futura, Doze Green, Todd James, Jayone, Mode 2, Skki, Teach, Boris Tellegen and Zero-T, near to Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper photographs.

The catalog of the exhibition, freshly published in a 2015 numbered edition, will be distributed worldwide and exclusively through our web store.

Do not hesitate to write us at contact@legrandj.eu for combined orders or shipments. We will help you in meeting what you want.

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Stations of the Elevated

Stations of the Elevated

Un film storico sui graffiti newyorkesi...

  • stations of the elevated
  • film
  • graffiti
  • new york
  • 1981
NuArt Plus 2015

NuArt Plus 2015

Discussing the role of 'play' in shaping street art and DIY culture...

  • nuart
  • nuart plus
  • street art
  • graffiti
  • talks
  • symposium
  • play
  • diy culture
Call for paper │ Methodologies for Research

Call for paper │ Methodologies for Research

A brand new scientific journal only devoted to Urban Art... finally!

  • urban creativity
  • call for paper
  • scientific journal
  • graffiti
  • street art
  • photography
  • urban art
  • methodologies
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