The 2017 Lisbon Conference


As every here, the Street Art & Urban Creativity (SAUC) Network will soon organize in Lisbon (6,7 and 8 of July 2017) an international conference. In this year conference and third edition of the Journal, in a global context of “post-truth”, and aligned with the objectives of HERITAS/ CIDEHUS - UNESCO Chair on Intangible Heritage, two specific sub topics are proposed: Intangible heritage and knowledge transfer.

It is expected that from these sub topics we can clarify the relations of the research with practice, specifically regarding the big challenges generated to the intangible conservation, curatorial practices and knowledge transfer for the support of the best administrative policies.

We already confirmed the availability of personalities from several countries, curators and public administration representative and of relevance in the context of graffiti and street-art. Soon more informations about the program.

Contributions for this issue will be selected from the received full papers blind peer review process developed by the Scientific Committee. Submit the full paper in one of three formats:
- scientific articles ( ± 5000 words);
- essays/working papers ( ± 1000 words);
- book or exhibition reviews ( ± 500 words).

Important Dates
20th March 2017 – deadline for reception of FULL papers
25th May 2017 – Scientific committee paper selection
6, 7 and 8 July 2017 – Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity International Conference;
September 2017 – Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal (Volume 3, nº 1 and 2)

Costs for publishing in the Journal
There's no fee associated to the Full Paper review.
The: Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal is Open Access,
Payment of 50 euros fee for accepted articles publishing support.

Graffiti: Peintres & Vandales

Graffiti: Peintres & Vandales

Réservez votre canapé...

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Chi di piccione ferisce di pollo perisce

Chi di piccione ferisce di pollo perisce

Julian Charrière non sembra essere l'unico ad amare gli animali in questa Biennale di Architettura 2012.

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