Philosophy of Street Art

Philosophy of Street Art: Art in and of the Street is a conference  sponsored by Pratt Institute, American Society for Aesthetics, and New York Institute of Philosophy. The three day conference will take place at Pratt Institute and NYU. Alison Young (University of Melbourne) is the keynote and an artist panel and discussion will feature ELBOW-TOE (Brian Adam Douglas), Leon Reid IV, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, and HOTTEA. The conference is free and open to the public. No registration is required.


Conference schedule

Thursday, March 5tt, at Pratt Institute

Artist Panel with Audience Q&A
(room TBA)

ELBOW-TOE (Brian Adam Douglas)
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Leon Reid IV

Opening Reception
(room TBA)


Friday, March 6th at Pratt Institute

Session I 10:00-11:15am
Chair: Karen Gover (Bennington)
“Political Art and Street Art Definitions” Christiane Merritt (Washington University, St. Louis)

Session II 11:30-12:45pm
Chair: Aaron Smuts (Rhode Island College)
“Street Art & Deception” Shelby Moser (University of Kent)

Session III 2:30-3:45pm
Chair: Alex King (Buffalo)
“The Lego Minifigure in Urban Art” Roy T. Cook (University of Minnesota)

Session IV 4:00-5:15pm
Chair: Rebecca Victoria Millsop (MIT)
“On The Illegality Condition in Street Art” Tony Chackal (University of Georgia)
*Winner of the Graduate Student Travel Prize

Keynote Address 5:30-6:30pm

“Mainstreaming the Street: The Cultural Value of Illicit Street Art” Professor Alison Young (University of Melbourne)

Abstract: Recent years have seen the practices conventionally described as ‘street art’ become increasingly familiar in the cultural mainstream. The work of street artists such as Banksy, Nick Walker, Swoon and D*Face have sold at auction for high prices, and are now regarded as highly collectable art. Museums and galleries in cities such as New York, LA, London, Paris and Melbourne have held exhibitions featuring works by street artists and many have purchased street artworks for their permanent collections. Street art, when placed on private property without permission is still illegal, and the very similar activities known as graffiti are still considered to be ‘vandalism’ or ‘anti-social’ and are seldom categorised as art. This lecture will think through some of the consequence of street art’s increasingly mainstream status in contemporary society, particularly for graffiti writers and artists who continue to work illicitly in the street.

Professor Alison Young teaches and researches in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. She has an LL.B (Hons) from Edinburgh University and a Masters and PhD in Criminology from Cambridge University. She is the author of Street Art: Images to Live By (forthcoming 2016), Street Art, Public City: Law, Crime and the Urban Imagination (2014), Street/Studio (2010), Judging the Image (2005), and Imagining Crime (1996), as well as numerous articles on the intersections of law, crime and culture. She is currently completing an ARC Discovery Project examining the reception of street art in the cultural field, focusing upon its transformative potential in urban space. She is currently co-curating (with Lachlan MacDowall) an exhibition on the history of style writing in Melbourne for the National Gallery of Victoria, to be exhibited in late 2015.


Saturday, March 7th at New York University

Session V 10:00-11:15am
Chair: Ulrich Blanche (Heidelberg)
“Signature Counterexamples to the Institutional Theory of Art” Christopher Nagel (University of Minnesota)

Session VI 11:30-12:45pm
Chair: Henry Pratt (Marist)
“Saving the Writing on the Wall: Two Models for Street Art and its Preservation” Alison Lanier, Angela Sun, & Erich Hatala Matthes (Wellesley College)

Session VII 3:00-4:15pm
Chair: Zee Perry (NYU)
“A Softer, Gentler Street Art: Two Incongruities of Yarn-bombing” Mary Beth Willard (Weber State)

Session VIII 4:30-5:45pm
Chair: Marcus Rossberg (Connecticut)
“Domesticating the Streets: Feminist Street Art” Sondra Bacharach (Victoria University)

Closing Reception

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Art on the Streets

Art on the Streets

A symposium on urban art practices soon in London...

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Grafficity: Visual practices in public space

Grafficity: Visual practices in public space

Un convegno internazionale attorno ad alcuni dei temi chiave per lo studio dei graffiti.

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