Lisbon Street & Urban Creativity


Inizia a Lisbona giovedi prossimo la Lisbon Street & Urban Creativity Conference, da molti definita come il più importante convegno internazionale mai organizzato per parlare di Graffiti e di Street Art (qui il link dell'evento facebook). Oltre 50 interventi di specialisti del settore che arriveranno da tutto il mondo animeranno una tre giorni in cui il tema della creatività urbana sarà analizzato in tutte le sue forme. 

Le Grand Jeu sarà rappresentato da Christian Omodeo, uno dei nostri fondatori, che presenterà gli esiti delle nostre ricerche sulla repressione dei Graffiti in Europa dagli anni '80 fino ai nostri giorni. Dopo aver analizzato la situazione italiana lo scorso anno nell'ambito di Frontier - la linea dello stile, questa volta al centro delle nostre attenzioni sono finite la Francia e le sue implacabili politiche antigraffiti.

Per chi fosse interessato, pubblichiamo l'intero programma del convegno.


Full Conference Programme

3rd of July – Thursday

08h00 – 09h00: Registry of Delegates and General Public
09h00 – 10h00: Welcome Session by Pedro Soares Neves and Daniela V. de Freitas Simões
Prof. Fernando António Baptista Pereira (CIEBA/FBA)
Prof. Margarida Brito Alves (IHA/FCSH)
Dra. Catarina Vaz Pinto (Lisbon’s Councilwoman for Culture  – CML)
Guest Speaker: Prof. Helena Barranha (IST-UL/IHA-FCSH)

10h00 – 10h30: Keynote Speaker: Cedar Lewinsohn

10h30 – 11h00: Coffee Break

11h00 – 12h15: Art Institutions // Chairman: Helena Barranha (IST/IHA-FCSH)
Ema Rocha, ‘Musealizar por aí’. Graffiti – The street as exhibit
Sofia Ponte, How does street artworks survive in museums?
Ulrich Blanché, Banksy vs. Bristol Museum - Street Art or street “flavored” art?
Alice Nogueira Alves, Emerging issues of Street Art valuation as Cultural Heritage

12h15 – 13h30: Lunch

13h30 – 14h45: Cultural assets // Chairman: Rute Figueiredo (IHA-FCSH / ETH Zurich)
Helena Elias,Inês Marques, Susana Leonor, Recent public art interventions in the context of the luso-brazilian cultural relationship: street murals of Os Gémeos in Lisbon and Vhils in Rio de Janeiro
Ronald Kramer, “The thing about walls is they became big murals”: The rise of legal graffiti writing cultures
Daniel D'Amico, Lessons from Mardi Gras: Fostered Culture Between New Orleans and an Online Learning Community

14h45 – 15h15: Keynote Speaker: NUART Festival intervention

15h15 – 15h30: Coffee Break

15h30 – 17h00: Tactical Urbanism // Chairman: Mário Alves
Carlos Alcobia, Largo da Batata Video Mapping and São Paulo's forthcoming arenas of protest
Maria Domenica  Arcuri, Utopia on Walls: The Collective Political Artworking of Felice Pignataro
Kris Murray, Rethinking political subjectivity in the urban context through the lens of graffiti and street art
Luis Menor Ruiz, Street Art and Urban Space. A problem or an opportunity for local governments? Barcelona as a case study
Manuel García y Ruiz van Hoben, Art(s) in the City. Chronicles of a Spray Can

17h00 – 18h15: Community and Historiography actions // Chairman: Cristóvão Pereira (CIEBA/FBA)
Maria do Mar Fazenda, Urban Acupuncture, artistic interventions in a deactivated shop window in Lisbon
Lara  Seixo Rodrigues, The Wool – Covilhã Urban Art Festival as an instrument of (community) transformation
Jacob Kimvall, Mapping an Institutional Story of Graffiti and Street Art
Susan Phillips, Bomb the Canon: Re-Writing the History of Graffiti in Los Angeles

19h00: André Saraiva’s Exhibition inauguration at MUDE
around 21h00: Dinner at Bellalisa Elevador Restaurant (previous Registration Required!)

4th of July – Friday

09h00 – 10h15: Public Space vrs. Urban Creativity // Chairman: Margarida Brito Alves (IHA-FCSH)
Julia Tulke, Aesthetics of Crisis. Street Art, Austerity Urbanism and the Right to the City
Susan Hansen, Danny Flynn, “This is not a Banksy!”: Street art and the transformation of public space
Ágata Sequeira,  Out in the streets: The possibilities and implications of making art in the city’s public space
Theodore Kuttner, Os Gémeos & São Paulo: Reappropriating Public Space in a "City of Walls"

10h15 – 10h30: Coffee Break

10h30 – 12h00: City-branding, Economy and Urban Art // Chairman: Daniela V. de Freitas Simões (IHA-FCSH)
Graeme Evans, Graffiti, Art and the City: from pariah to place-making
Christian Omodeo, Graffiti: between public art and entrepreneurial cities
Heike Derwanz, Street Artists and their careers in Art and Design Markets
Pedro Costa, Ricardo Lopes, Is street art institutionalizable? Challenges to an alternative urban policy in Lisbon

12h00 – 13h30: Lunch

13h30 – 14h15: Authors // Chairman: Marcus Willcocks (UAL/CSM)
Javier Abarca, Revs, the unknown pioneer
Minna Valjakka, Kaid Ashton: conflating Streets, Arts and Charity
Juliana M. M. Soares, Felipe Carrelli, The Margin in the Center: the birth of Project Occupy the Car in the Santa Cecilia’s

14h15 – 15h30: Open air and market // Chairman: Giulia Lamoni (IHA-FCSH)
Laura Castro, José Guilherme Abreu, Paredes’ Public Art Circuit. A Public Art and Community Orientated Program
Ila N. Sheren, The Open-air Gallery: A Return to the Revolutionary, or More of the Market?
Peter Bengtsen, Stealing from the public: on the removal of street art from the street
Veronica Werckmeister, A Case study in Monumental Street Art: Creating Landmarks, Creating Together

15h30 – 15h45: Coffee Break

15h45 – 16h15: Keynote Speaker: Marcus Willcocks

16h15 – 17h45: Semiotics, Visual Arts and Media // Chairman: Rogério Taveira (CIEBA/FBA)
Axel Philipps, Eelco Herder, Sergej Zerr, Chroniclers of Street Art on Flickr
Paulo Barroso, Keith Haring’s personal visual lexicon and public semiotic-art
Patricia Guiley, The World as it is Written on the Wall
Duarte Lobo Antunes, Desecration, Condensation: Lisbon’s futuristic imagery as a site of urban creativity
Giada Pellicari, Graffiti and New Media: the correlations between the two cultures

19h30: Alexandro Farto aka Vhils' ‘Dissection’ Exhibition inauguration at EDP Foundation

5th of July - Saturday

09h00 – 10h15: Contradictions  // Chairman: Javier Abarca (UCM)
Julio da Cruz Paulos, Agata Walny, The art of pragmatic action
Panizza Allmark, Statues, Subversive actions and Surveillance
Carolyn Loeb, Reimagining the City: West Berlin Murals and the Right to the City
Claudia Hogl, “Obey Shepard Fairey” Fairey’s ‘phenomenological experiment’ between art, political activism and commerce

10h15 – 10h45: Keynote Speaker: Dra. Graça Fonseca (CML)

10h45 – 11h00: Coffee Break

11h00 – 12h15: Urban Creativity and Innovation // Chairman: Pedro Soares Neves (CIEBA/FBA-IST)
Laura Iannelli, Lorenza Parisi, To Govern artfully. Linking relational public art to urban governance toward new forms of civic participation
Cecilia Dinardi, Urban creativity from below: grassroots cultural interventions, politics and informal creative cities
Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro, No passage should go unnoticed: a case for a critical stance in temporary public art interventions

12h15 – 13h30: Lunch

13h30 – 14h45: In Theory // Chairman: Daniela V. de Freitas Simões (IHA-FCSH)
Victor Correia, Public Art: a conceptual problematic
Ilaria Hoppe, Urban Art as Countervisuality?
Luísa Santos Silva, Public Art Projects - Towards a Critical Discourse on Urban Aesthetics
Mischa Piraud, Luca Pattaroni, Yves Pedrazzini, Leticia Carmo, Creativity without critic. An inquiry into the aesthetization of alternative culture

14h45 – 15h00: Coffee Break

15h00 – 16h00: Participation // Chairman: Lígia Ferro (ISCTE-IUL/CIES)
Helena Maria Santana, Maria do Rosário Santana, Flash Mob as a moment of creation and human intervention on urban spaces
Ana Vilar Bravo, Participatory Urban Art
Filipa Ramalhete, Maria Assunção Gato, Sérgio Vicente, A Participatory Public Art Process in Almada – Agents and Values

16h00 – 16h30: Closing Session

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