Lisbon SAUC 2017


As every year, the Street Art & Urban Creativity network, based in Lisbon, is organizing an international conference in Portugal from July 6 to 8, inviting some of the most inspiring reasearchers, thinkers and organizers dealing with graffiti & street art from all over the world. This year programme, which could still be modified, seems particularly interesting.

July 6

Welcome session

Head of Lisbon Fine Arts Faculty research unit CIEBA/ FBAUL – prof. João Queiroz; Director of PhD program HERITAS - prof. Paulo Simões; DGArtes / MC member (to designate); Urbancreativity executive committee – Pedro Soares Neves.

Panel 1 – Material and immaterial
- Filipe Themudo – CIDEHUS-UE, UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage
- Colombini Alain – Centre Interdisciplinaire de Conservation et Restauration du Patrimoine, Marseille
- Nomeikaite, Laima - Street art, heritage and embodiment, - Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research

Coffee break

Panel 2, Conservation of Public Art
- Sergio Vicente – CIEBA/ FBAUL - public art research line
- Elena Gayo, Rita Amor, code of ethics for the conservation and restoration of Street Art
- Christian Gerini - When the street art changes the city and its memory: the French example of Marseille, second city of France, between public and private policy

Lunch Break

Panel 3, Sanctioned and unsanctioned
- Ronald Kramer, University of Auckland, New Zealand - The resilient nature of graffiti writing
- Oliver Walker, Susan Hansen, Before The Walls: The Changing Face of Urban Art in Black Books

Coffee break

Panel 4 – Urban public space
- Nuno Sacramento, Peackock Visual Arts, Aberdeen – deep mapping
- Peter Bengtsen - Sanctioned “street art” and the fossilisation of urban public space

Parallel program
Round tables by NUART in Lost Lisbon Hostel
Interventions in the street, Chiado area


July 7

Panel 1 – Keeping the Piece: The Contested Heritages of Graffiti and Street Art
- Lachlan MacDowall (University of Melbourne, Australia)
- Samuel Merrill (Umeå University, Sweden)
- Susan Hansen (Middlesex University, London)

Coffee break

Panel 2 – Cultural Policies
- Catarina Vaz Pinto, councilwomen for culture on Lisbon city council
- Nathalie Benoit - Directrice - Division de la promotion institutionnelle - Université du Québec à Montréal

Lunch Break

Panel 3 – Producing spontaneity
- David Demougeot, Bien Urbain artistic routes in (and with) public space, Besançon, France.
- Jacob Kimvall, and Erik Hannerz - “Kämpa Malmö – The Temporary Closing off of an Open Graffiti Wall
- Javier Abarca - Curating street art

Lunch Break

Pannel 4 – Curating and collecting
- Magda Danysz, galery owner in Paris, London, NY and Shanghai*
- Pedro Alonzo, independent curator, Boston*

Coffee break

Parallel program
Round tables by NUART in Lost Lisbon Hostel
Interventions in the street, Chiado area

July 8

Pannel 1 – Urban Development
- Sofia Pinto
- Jonna Tolonen
- Hendryk von Busse - Urban Art and Urban Development

Coffee break

Pannel 2 – Revelations
- Lachlan MacDowall - American Priors: The Ballad of Utah and Ether
- Ulrich Blanchet, Banksy Hates Graffiti

Lunch Break

Pannel 3, Research and action
- Benjamin Gaulon Director Mfa Design+Technology, The New School Parsons, Paris
- OX – Paris – author
- Rafael Schacter, anthropologist and curator, University College London, UK*
- Miguel Januário, Mais Menos, artist and U. Porto Researcher
- Cauê Maia artist and USPM (São Paulo, Brasil) Researcher

Coffee break

Pannel 4, Unlock Dialogs pannel
- Adam (Sweden)*
- Loiq (France)*

Parallel program
Guided walking tour to the works/ interventions

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Art on the Streets

Art on the Streets

A symposium on urban art practices soon in London...

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Rafaël Schacter pour Bien Urbain

Rafaël Schacter pour Bien Urbain

L'auteur d'un des livres sur le Street Art les plus remarqués des derniers mois sera bientôt à Besançon...

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  • the world atlas of street art and graffiti
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Lettere e parole si impadroniscono per due giorni di Genova...

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