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In the south bronx of america


What has always fascinated me about the history of writing is the place where this culture has grown up. It would not have been easy to born and raise in New York's suburbs in the 1960s and 1970s and it is amazing to think how youngs coming form these areas have changed their environment. This is why I'm happy to discover that the Museum of the City of New York is now showing In the South Bronx of America, an exhibition by Mel Rosenthal, a photographer born in the South Bronx, to celebrate the recent donation of 30 prints to the museum.

If you do not know Mel Rosenthal's work, the jacket cover of his book In the South Bronx of America could help you: "It was the 1970s. Inner cities all over the United States were disintegrating and no one could agree about what was happening. One of the worst hit areas was the South Bronx which was being burnt down at a staggering rate. During this period Mel Rosenthal worked in an area of the Bronx targeted by city officials to become an enterprise zone, an area where factories would be built and their owners given special tax privileges. It has now become clear that it was with these officials' tacit consent that the arsonists' torches were allowed to do work usually performed by bulldozers and wrecking crews--and at a fraction of the financial cost. The human price was painfully high. When Rosenthal began to document this tragedy, he discovered that the people who lived in the area where he worked faced the dual epidemics of fire and disease, epidemics that were slowly but surely destroying their homes and their community.

Rosenthal also discovered that the people in the neighborhood did not have pictures of themselves that did justice to their spirit and courage. Wanting to be one of the custodians of the neighborhood's memory, Rosenthal began to make portraits of everyone who still lived in the area of Bathgate Avenue. He made pictures which he hoped would show both the tragedy and heroism of their daily lives. Later he collected newspaper clippings that gave the "official story" of what was happening. He also collected the words of the people who lived and worked in that area and which often belied that "official story."


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The good the bad and the beautiful

The good the bad and the beautiful

Innovative graffiti management for future European cities...

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Rafaël Schacter pour Bien Urbain

Rafaël Schacter pour Bien Urbain

L'auteur d'un des livres sur le Street Art les plus remarqués des derniers mois sera bientôt à Besançon...

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L’asta Urban Art di Bonhams

L’asta Urban Art di Bonhams

Il 17 aprile, la casa d'aste londinese organizza una vendita 100% Urban Art

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