Homeland is not a Series


You probably know the story. A few weeks ago, a group of arab artists, curators and graffiti writers has hacked Homeland, the famous TV-series. They were called to write some fake graffiti on the walls, but no one has controlled what they were writing... The Verge has told this story in a nice video, while Claire Voon wrote on Hyperallergic:

"Viewers able to read Arabic who caught last Sunday’s US airing of the award-winning television show Homeland may have noticed something bizarre about the graffiti lining the walls of the Syrian refugee camp: Splashed across the fictional set were messages in Arabic that read, “Homeland is racist,” “Homeland is a joke, and it didn’t make us laugh,” and more blatant criticisms of the program, which is now in its fifth season. “#blacklivesmatter,” too, appears on one brick wall in green paint. The words are the work of “The Arabian Street Artists,” a trio that Homeland itself hired to adorn the set with “realistic” street tags. The artists revealed the ruse — which they label a “hack” on the series — yesterday, explaining that they had conceived of it as an intervention to protest their discontentment with the show’s political messages".

Now, a new chapter of this story has been written. Yesterday, Heba Amin, Caram Kapp and Don Karl of From Here to Fame have proudly announced their filmic commentary 'Homeland is not a Series' in collaboration with the brilliant people of Field of Vision at The Intercept.



Their video is very clear about the project, but you might also be interested in their interview published today on The Intercept.

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Saluti da Gaeta

Saluti da Gaeta

Gaeta ha iniziato ad avere un ruolo importante nella mia vita a metà degli anni ’70. La street art muoveva allora i suoi primi passi, mentre io imparavo a camminare sulle spiagge di questa zona.

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Dirty Old New York Subway

Dirty Old New York Subway

La metro newyorkese nei film americani anni '70 e '80

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