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We are really pleased to announce ETNIK's upcoming exhibition at the GCA Gallery in Nice. FUN da MENTAL, which will open October 1st 2015, deals with the presence of abstraction into urban environment through a new series of unpublished artworks. Colours and a free use of fantastic shapes are fun-da-mental for this Italian artist, who discovered his artistic inclination thanks to graffiti writing during the 1990s and who tries, today, to contribute to the development of new ways of thinking our cities.

ETNIK was one of the artists who took part to Made in Italy, the show that Le Grand Jeu has organized at GCA Gallery last December. This is why I've been very happy to write a critical analysis of his work inside FUN da MENTAL's catalog:

"Stones convey a sense of immobility, which could be the reason for the human tendency to quietly endure the evolution of our urban environments. Even today, as the Grand Paris replaces the Haussmannian revolution in our minds, we participate in debates where the city appears more as a statistical field than the theatre of our lives. We mindlessly observe the irreversible destruction of our everyday environments while projecting the challenge of understanding the evolution of the urban environment onto the past. We content ourselves with a stereotypical vision of Parisian bohème, ideal for selling Paris on the international tourism market, without grasping its beauty as a creative phenomenon, one closely linked to the Haussmannian revolution. What can you do with the painters, printmakers, photographers, writers, and musicians shaken by the overwriting of vieux Paris in favour of boulevards cluttered with bourgeois buildings and their stone façades? All too often, we forget that their refusal to frequent certain spaces and to reflect the lifestyles beginning to emerge was a reaction to the radical mutation of their urban environment".

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Frontier The line of style

Frontier The line of style

Verrà presentato il prossimo 13 febbraio a Bologna il catalogo di Frontier...

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La collezione Varol in mostra a Malaga

La collezione Varol in mostra a Malaga

Une delle più importanti collezioni di street art al mondo, in mostra a Malaga.

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L’asta Urban Art di Bonhams

L’asta Urban Art di Bonhams

Il 17 aprile, la casa d'aste londinese organizza una vendita 100% Urban Art

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