City Leaks


CityLeaks Urban Art Festival, one of the most renowed urban art festival in Germany, will go into its third round from 1 to 20 September 2015. This year, it will be devoted to “the city that doesn’t exist”. As part of the program, a 3-day congress will be held on the subject of urbanity. Explicitly, this is about the new relationship of citizens/citizens and city, which manifests itself in phenomena such as urban gardening, Occupy or Urban Art, which will be discussed there

Over the heads of planners, politicians and civil servants across the city is designed in completely new forms and formats "from below" currently relish and anarchic. This "reorganization of the municipal" manifested here both in new political movements such as the "right to the city", "Occupy" or "Reclaim your City" or the district's citizens' initiative, but also in phenomena such as Urban Gardening, Urban Art, Chair Bombing or skateboarding .Ihnen all the record on public spaces in the local environment is common. In them, thus manifested a new relationship of Bürger_innen to their city, and vice versa. Whether the construction of a railway station in Stuttgart, the development of a park in Istanbul or the redesign of an opera house in Cologne - combative and committed citizens fight confidently for their "right to the city". The CityLeaks Congress addresses the multifaceted causes, manifestations and effects of the renegotiation of the Municipal. In several lectures, panel discussions, labs and city walks are the possibilities and reach creative and grassroots practices of appropriation of the city between the poles of (sub) illuminates cultural initiative and urban steering and plumbed.


CityLeaks festival headquarters - Copper factory in Carlswerk (on the site: Hüttenstraße, Building 403) - Schanzenstr. 6-20 - 51063 Köln




Friday August 28, 2015

19:00 clock


Gabriele Hammelrath, MdL, patroness CityLeaks Urban Art Festival

Festival line CityLeaks


19:15 clock

Opening Lecture

Hanno Rauterberg, DIE ZEIT


20:00 - 22:00 clock (10 minutes speaking time - project presentations by scientists)

Susanne Hinrichs, MA in Art History, University of Cologne - From the street to the gallery: The establishment of street art on the example of the work of Banksy

Victoria Bright Celebration, Master's degree program Media Culture Analysis, Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf - The city as a space of action. Urban interventions between art and political activism

Teresa Braunschweig, European art history and philosophy, University of Heidelberg - The artistic value of street art and its impact

Katja Glaser, Media Studies, University of Siegen - Street art in the digital road network

Miriam Kappes, Media Studies, German Language and Literature and History of Art, University of Cologne - Graffiti as a conquest strategy of urban space

Catharina summer; Marian Müsch; Maija Jantunen, Integrated Design, KISD Cologne - Intervention - Who designed the city?

Students, Architecture, Ruhr-Universität Bochum - The video installation for the facade: Anna Strack and Dominik Harman


Saturday, August 29 2015

10:00 a.m


Tim Bindel, Moderator


Panel 1: Perspectives on a right to the city. Theoretical and practical approaches

10:30 am

Lecture The right to the city an emancipatory concept between Fordism and post-Fordism

Joscha Metzger, Department of Geography, University of Hamburg


The right-to-city as a slogan brings together diverse urban protest movements in their struggles. In the current conflict, it is not about to be displaced so as to various topics such as the structural, social and cultural organization of the city, the fight against privatization and the recognition of marginalized groups and their right also opposed economic interests of the city. So many different points of the concept offers right-to-city, it can be historically situate and discuss in terms of its origin context: Henri Lefebvre put it in the 1960s as a criticism of the Fordist urbanism. Cities and urban development, however, have since changed considerably. Some characteristics of the current, post-Fordist city seem this criticism Lefebvre's escape, others show up, however, as fundamental elements of capitalist urban development. It raises the question of what can be deployed emancipatory critique and utopia towards which urban situation by right-to-city.


Pannel with, among other things:

Almut Skriver, architect, BI Helios, network Community Building and Housing, Jochen Ott, Mdl, Michaela and Melanie Kretschmann, Carl garden, Cologne, Marco Sicconi, General Manager AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Germany


Walking through the garden Carl




Panel 2: (re) negotiation of urbanity. On the relationship between art and city


Lecture The city from the other side see

Thomas Laue, head dramaturge Cologne Theatre


Pannel with, among other things:

Mischa Kuball, Conceptual artist, Dusseldorf, Hendryck of buses, Space Gallery, Halle / Saale, Kay von Keitz, plan project Cologne, Laboratory Fou, artists' collective



1. Lab Drama Cologne

Among others with drama Cologne, cat + war, acting accomplices, Julia Pfeiderer


2. Walk with the history workshop Mülheim

The "Carl work" the company Felten & Guillaume - insight into the development of the historic industrial area in the heart of Mülheim.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Panel 3:


Lecture: The contradictions of the creative city

Iris Dzudzek, Human Geography, Goethe University of Frankfurt


The Creative City is full of contradictions. While it is a hand emphatically celebrated as a place of lived difference, in which realizes a right to the city for all, it acts on the other hand as a unique selling proposition of the new urbanism and the entrepreneurial city. In recent years, many cities have oriented in its reorganization with the principles of creative city. But what role Bewohner_innen, artists and creative people in this process? How does it designed the relationship between artists and creative people to other groups in the city? What are possibilities but also limits the creative design of a city for all?


Podium with, among other things: Galeria de Urbana from Lisbon's Municipality, Portugal, Mural Heerlen, Heerlen, The Netherlands, Galeria Urban Forms, Lodz, Poland, Cosmopolitan nature tour, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Street Art Communication, Slovakia, Riesa efau, Dresden, Germany,


City Walk

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