Call for paper │ Methodologies for Research


In the aftermath of the Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity International Conference, it became clear due to the large number of contributions from distinctive disciplinary fields that the research methodologies while tackling with ‘Street & Urban Creativity’ – are in fact unique.

For this open call, for the first issue of the Street & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal devoted to “Methodologies for Research”, we are inviting contributions from once again all disciplines to discuss topics, research tools and methodologies used in advanced studies of the theme Street & Urban Creativity. For instance, interdisciplinary and transnational approaches are “topographies” that we are welcoming in order to further advance this already expanded field for research.

Contributions for this issue will be selected from the received abstracts trough a blind peer review process developed by the Scientific Committee. The authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to submit the full paper in one of three formats:

- scientific articles (5000 words);
- essays/working papers (1000 words);
- book or exhibition reviews (500 words).



3rd November 2014 – call for abstracts
1st February 2015 – deadline for reception of abstracts (700 words) submissions to journal.urbancreativity@gmail.com
1st April 2015 – deadline for selection of abstracts and distribution to formats
1st June 2015 – deadline for submitting full papers
July 2015 – presentation of the First issue of Street & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal



There's no fee associated to the abstract review. We intended that Street & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal will be Open Access. Full articles, reviews or essays will be published only before confirming the payment of 50 euros fee.

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The history of spraycans in a book...

  • spraycan
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Arte urbana e musei

Arte urbana e musei

Il caso del Mana Contemporary di Jersey City...

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La street art va in asta a Miami

La street art va in asta a Miami

Delle opere prelevate più o meno legalmente in strada in asta a Miami...

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