Artscapes: urban art and the public


L'università del Kent di Canterbury e Artscapesgroup organizzano una due giorni di dibattito, i prossimi 27 e 28 giugno 2013, intorno ad un tema a noi caro: Artscapes. Urban Art and The Public. An Interdisciplinary Conference on Art and Urban Spaces.

Ecco la presentazione e il programma del convegno: 

This two-day interdisciplinary conference hosted by the University of Kent aims to provide a forum for academic, policy and practitioner engagement with the relationships between the public and urban art.

Urban spaces are important loci of social contact, their physical and symbolic properties having a profound effect on everyday interactions. These sites are frequently subject to art interventions enacted for a range of aesthetic, social, political and economic purposes. Yet, while urban art can have transformative effects on the cityscape and in the development of urban cultures, the relationships between art and the public sphere represents a contested ground. Art, in such contexts, can be viewed variously as engendering civic participation and challenging the normative uses of public spaces, or as complicit with neoliberal development agendas and cosmopolitan elitism. Such practices, then, can be understood to intersect with a range of issues including those of urban aesthetics, the role of art institutions, public participation, user perception and experience of public places, the conceptualisation of material, virtual or imagined cityscapes, the regulation of urban space, and urban policy and politics.

This interdisciplinary conference seeks to critically examine the relationship between art and urban places, questioning in what ways urban art can engage with, create and change public spaces. How is urban art used in the formation of individual, city, regional and national identities? How might such interventions alter or foster new forms of interaction with and within communities? What are the possibilities presented by urban art for new modes of aesthetic and cultural behaviours?


Registration  12:00-13:30

Keynote 1 13:30-14:30 Carl Lavery (Aberystwyth University)
'Performing Paris: An Ecography of Meridians and Atmospheres'

Session 1 14:30-15:50 Graffiti

14:30-14:50 Sabina Andron (Bartlet School of Architecture, University College London)
Taking Place: new geographical approaches to the site specificity of street art

14:50-15:10 Emma Paulsson (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet)
My city-Our city: negotiating public space through personal imprints

15:10-15:30 Shelby Moser (University of Kent)
Open source graffiti: hello world


Session 2 16:10-17:30 Public Space - Public Art

16:10-16:30 Robert Knifton (Kingston University)
Art, town and gown: Kingston University and Public art

16:30-16:50 Yagi Kentaro (Nishinippon Institute of Technology)
Manga, Anime and consumer game characters dominating urban spaces in Japan


Session 3 17:20-18:40 Public Art and Local Governance

17:20-17:40 Luis Menor Ruiz (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Street Art and Urban Space. A problem or an opportunity for local governments?

17:40-18:00 Claudio Musso (Università di Bologna)
Street art in Bologna: between a long history and a case study

18:00-18:20 Saskia Warren (University of Birmingham)
Local governance, community commissioning and intermediation in the creative urban economy


Day 2 / 28 June 2013

Registration  09:00-09:30

Session 4 09:30-10:50 Political and Social Context of Urban Art I

09:30-09:50 Eugene Nulman & Carolina  Vasilikou (University of Kent)
Street art in Bologna: political appropriation of urban spaces

09:50-10:10 Georgiana Nicoarea (University of Bucharest)
Representations of authority in the graffiti of the Egyptian spring

10:10-10:30 Georgia Paizi (National Technical University Athens)
Diverse Publics. Art and Spatial Violence in Athens since December 2008


Keynote 2 11:10-12:10 Jonathan Vickery (University of Warwick)

Session 5 12:10-13:30 Political and Social Context of Urban Art II

12:10-12:30 Bill Roberts (University of Oxford)
After Place: the non-specificity of Dan Graham’s Pavillion

12:30-12:50 Marta Lòpez-Marcos & Carlos Tapia Martìn (Universidad de Sevilla)
Architecture and Negativity: towards a counter-artscape in the postpolitical city

12:50-13:10 Paula Craft-Pegg (University of Portsmouth)
Timelines: public art and the re-invention of cultural landscapes


Keynote 3 14:20-15:20 Maurizio Cinquegrani  (University of Kent)

Session 6 15:20-16:40 Public Art Interactions

15:20-15:40 Laurent Vernet (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique)
The Social Life of Artworks in Public Spaces: A Study of Publics in Montréal squares

15:40-16:00 Jose Arturo Revilla Perez (Architectural Association)
NUBE PET- Material Networks as an alternative form of Public Space

16:00-16:20 Claudia Seldin, Raquel Ribeiro Martins & Rosa Richter Diaz Rocha (PROURB/FAU-UFRJ; Bauhaus Universität Weimar)
The New Periphery Cinema of Rio de Janeiro


You can register for participation following the link below:

Contact ArtScapes Group: artscapesgroup@gmail.com

Conference Organisers
Manila Castoro (School of Arts, UoK)
Carolina Vasilikou (School of Architecture, UoK)
Jonathan Ward (School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, UoK)

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