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The history of urban art cannot be understood without considering spray paint cans. This is why we are happy to discover Aerosols, published by Daniel "Rosko“ Knorn, which is the first book dedicated to European spray paint cans. After giving a brief historical summary, it presents colour photos of nearly 200 different spray paint cans from across Europe, made in the years from 1965 to 1999 and featuring contributions from several international collectors. Leaf through the varied visual world of spray paint with original cans, advertisements, colour charts, and more. Including cans by AUTO- K, belton, DUPLI-COLOR, Kurt Vogelsang GmbH, Marabu, Montana Colors, SPRAY-COLOR/SPARVAR, and many more. It also reveals background information on many of the manufacturers’ company histories. One exclusive chapter is devoted to the production of spray paint cans in former East Germany.

In the preface, Daniel Rosko Knorn, writes that the book has been thought to give a brief tour of European spray paint cans. His passion for aerosol cans began in 1985 East Germany at the young age of twelve, when his parents gave him his first paint can. After the political transformation in East Germany a few years later, he began to collect more cans. He got his first Western European cans from friends, on holiday, or at various graffiti walls. Some of his cans from those years are missing their caps, which weren’t considered so important back then and simply got lost over the years. He used many of the old cans myself when the graffiti craze crossed over from West Berlin in the early ’90s.

On the pages to follow, there are about nearly 200 different cans from all around Europe. The paint comes from different collections. The cans are in alphabetical order by brand with few exceptions. 

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(Re)Visioning the Urban Imagination

(Re)Visioning the Urban Imagination

L'immaginario urbano in tutte le sue sfaccettature...

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Banksy e gli art dealers

Banksy e gli art dealers

Strada o galleria? Sembra quasi che non si possa parlare d'altro.

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Reading, Writing and Representing the City

Reading, Writing and Representing the City

A new book is coming out...

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