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New forms of art, coming from underground cultures, has changed our way to consume art during last two decades. Graffiti Writing, Street Art and, more recently, a new kind of Muralism tipically demonstrate this change, showing that urban space can be a place where to do and to consume culture. Despite the growing importance of these new trends, institutions and museums have not yet succeed in documenting this new cultural paradigm, except for the Art in the Streets exhibition organized by Jeffery Deitch in Los Angeles at MOCA in 2011.

A few years ago, Logan Hicks and Joe Iurato were asked to manage the Mana Museum of Urban Art in Jersey City, but this project seems to have been abandoned. This is why the announce of the creation of a new museum in Bruxelles is particularly important, because the MIMA - Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art -, scheduled to open in March 2016, will be totally dedicated to contemporary art and the so-called ‘culture 2.0’.

“Culture 2.0 is the version of culture that dawned with the Internet age and the changing means of communication. Culture 2.0 is cross-disciplinary, empathic, collective, collaborative and inspired by intelligent communities like Wikipedia. It covers domains as diverse as graphics and street art, hacking, skateboarding, performance arts, comics or music … Culture 2.0 reflects a new way of thinking; its mobility redefining the links between art and civil society. In practice, the museum will present artists whose choice not to confine their self-expression to the contemporary art community reflect this new way of thinking,” explains Raphaël Cruyt.

This project, which is an initiative by Alice van den Abeele, Raphaël Cruyt (who both run the Alice Gallery since 2005) and Florence and Michel de Launoit, will be located in the former Belle-Vue Breweries along the Canal, in a fast-changing district. With a floor space of 1,000 m², divided into eight galleries and a multipurpose space, MIMA will have a permanent collection as well as two exhibitions per year.


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Poets on the Walls

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Writing the city

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The Bridges of Graffiti

The Bridges of Graffiti

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